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british hedgerows

Firstly, this is why we are so obsessed with British suppliers 
Right from the off, we knew we wanted to create drinks that celebrate British produce , it seemed like a no brainer as we have so many amazing fruits growing across our nation and so it really didn't seem necessary to ship these in from all over the world. 

Where are our ingredients from?
Herefordshire, Suffolk and London

Where are our drinks made?
Proud to be made in Devon

Our amazing (never from concentrate!) gooseberry and strawberry juice supplier have many sustainable farming methods in place:

  • They use of an anaerobic digester to generate electricity from the fruit press waste

  • They have an on-site 21 acre solar farm generating clean electricity for 1,400 local homes and an additional set of solar panels to generate clean electricity to run their factory and to reduce their carbon footprint

  • They harvest the rainwater from their factory roofs which goes into their irrigation system on the farm to water their crops

  • They have 4.2 km hedge rows across the farm boosting wildlife and helping with increasing nesting birds

  • 24 Beehives can be spotted across the farm helping with pollination.

  • And it goes without saying, all their cardboard and plastic waste from the factory goes to a recycling centre