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vodka spritz cans on a log in the sunshine

First we did a little digging and a lot of drinking to find out what's on the shelves at the moment...

We quickly realised that a majority of canned sparkling water-based cocktails on the shelves showcase minimalistic design and colour on their packaging – to us, the design of a product is there to showcase what the brand stands for, how flavoursome the recipes are and the feeling you want to evoke whilst consuming the product and so the minimalistic, white can wasn’t really floating our boat

Next came working out what we wanted to create

As we embarked on the brand and recipes for Forage Drinks, it became apparent that we wanted to create drinks for those who are a looking for a more sophisticated, memorable drinking experience and enjoy eating and drinking the very best. Kudos to those drink brands out there providing us with this type of service already (we salute you and support you whole heartedly!) but we just couldn’t find a British, old school flavoured drink which not only tasted fresh, totally juicy and natural but also came in a beautifully designed can that you would feel proud of leaving out on your kitchen shelf rather than squirreling away at the back of a cupboard under a bag for life.

How did we go about doing this?

We are a creative bunch of individuals and knew we wanted to create something that wove together equal measures of British heritage style and colour but also celebrated the ingredients we have within our drinks.

We pulled on inspiration from several British interior designers including Ben Pentreath and William Morris. We also found huge amounts of inspiration from the Bloomsbury set, particularly Charleston Farmhouse – they created bold, boundary pushing art pieces that went against the grain – this is what we are looking to achieve with our recipes and design.

Our founder, Tilda hand cut the lino prints herself and working closely with the branding team, has produced an identity that encapsulates our passion in taking the time and effort into creating a brand that is true to our values.