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A quick drink with Lucy Mee

A quick drink with Lucy Mee

Last month we were joined by Lucy Mee, foodie obsessed, effortlessly cool co-founder of multiple street-food companies and most recently, On The Table.

Working with independent food and drink producers, On The Table have created top notch food delivery boxes which offer chic food and drink with a story, delivered on demand.

You can watch the live here

Key take aways:

We spoke in depth about how her love of food began, some interesting stories of her street-food businesses and advice for anyone looking to get into the food & drink world.

This quote particularly stood out for us:

‘We had to pivot On The Table after launching. The biggest mistake we made was thinking we knew what the customer wants.’

This highlights that the product you launch with may not be the product you end up being successful with and it takes being agile and open to feedback to create that perfect thing, so don’t put off launching, just get on with it and change if and when needed!

Luce also did a show and tell with two of her favourite products within her boxes, and recommended a chic go-to canape for your next drinks party.

We are extremely lucky to call Lucy our friend and would encourage you to listen to our chat and have a look at On The Table’s website, your taste buds will thank you!

Until next time,