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A quick drink with Henry Grace & Marie Naffah

Henry Grace and Marie Naffah in conversation

Last month we hosted our first 'Quick drink with Forage' Instagram Live series.

For those of you who don't know, we will be going live once a month on our Instagram channel with hand picked entrepreneurs and movers & shakers from the creative world. 

The aim of this series is to give you an insight into the lives of some incredibly talented and inspiring people we've met on our journey. 

For our first chat we were joined by two extremely talented singer song-writers, Henry Grace & Marie Naffah

This was particularly special as Henry & Marie met at Forage's launch party back in October and fast forward a few months, Marie was due to support Henry's gig at Omeara in early March but was sadly struck down with the dreaded 'c' word... nevertheless, we love that we're creating a community of people who are connecting and inspired by each other. 

You can watch the full conversation on our Instagram channel. 

Key take aways: 

Henry Grace

'My music is a combination of singer song-writer & indie music.' 

'I use my music platform to advocate for mental health and encourage people that things can and will get better if they are struggling.'

Marie Naffah

'My music is a mesh of old school & modern sounds.' 

'I took myself on a solo retreat to West Sussex but began struggling to find inspiration for my writing. I met a man on a bench outside a church and I found comfort in the conversation we had. This was may inspiration for Gabriel.' 

Since our conversation...

Both Henry and Marie have been longlisted for Glastonbury festivals 'Emerging Talent Competition' with the judges saying: 

Henry Grace: 

Can’t Be Your Lover
“The vocal swung this one. His songs are uncluttered and compelling, and sung exceedingly well without exception.”

Marie Naffah: 

“Every millimetre of this lavish production sells what Marie Naffah is offering … captivating songwriting … gorgeous, honeyed, low ‘n’ slow vocal performance on a track that was always begging to have a gospel choir thrown in.”

We are endlessly grateful for our close friendship with these two talented individuals and would encourage you to give them a listen, your ears will thank you! 

Until next time,